Glycerine from the Fat Splitting or Ester Interchange CONCENTRATION


Main benefits

Mechanical vapour recompressor (MVR), combined with direct heating by exhaust flash steam or heating steam

minimal cooling water consumption
minimal heating steam consumption

Falling film evaporator

short retention time
high wetting through
recirculation low fouling
minimal cleaning effort
minimal burning of glyceric

Subsequent concentration to pure glycerine (99,9%) with M&L – technology possible

highest purity

Glycerine Pre-Concentration

In the lower concentration range glycerine water from the fat splitting tower or ester interchange will be concentrated by falling film evaporator with MVR. With increasing of boiling point further concentration by direct steam heated evaporation. Example: 10 t/h evaporation capacity with an evaporation rate of 1 : 6,66 (concentration from von 12% to 80%)


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Up to 61% reduction of primary energy consumption