“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”
Benjamin Franklin

Brewing processes

During wort processing, the concentration of wort by evaporation of water is the most primary energy consuming process step. But not only water vapours are to be considered. Off-flavours like DMS need to be removed, and valuable aroma fractions like hop oils need to be preserved. The wort temperature and wort residence time at high temperatures, as well as reduction of oxygen uptake and oxidation processes during hot wort handling are important for taste stability and a good consumer experience also at the end of a long shelf live.

De-alcoholisation for the production of alcohol-reduced or alcohol free beer is another well introduced application of evaporation technology in the brewery. Alcohol and water are separated from the finished beer by thermal separation processes at low temperatures and pressures. Aroma losses are prevented by the sensitive use of heat and aroma recovery systems. After de-alcoholisation, the beer needs to be adjusted to desired gravity level and re-carbonized.

Finally waste water streams are possible to be separated with falling film evaporators into condensate to be used as process water and a highly concentrated fraction that can be economically disposed or burned in a boiler co-combustion process.

Coming from the evaporation business, M&L Engineering GmbH can provide new and innovative solutions to the brewery industry. The sophisticated M&L design allows evaporation temperatures below 32 °C and minimal product residence times due to single pass process and defined product flow. Hygienic design of the apparatuses, the components and the piping system are the basis for optimum product quality and process efficiency.
Highly efficient concentration processes can be achieved with mechanical vapour recompression (MVR). This is the most efficient heat source available for evaporation processes. M&L is your partner for tailoring this process to your specific need.

As being experts in process technology, corosys and M&L Engineering GmbH are able to integrate also feed and outfeed handling of the evaporation process with in our scope of supply. Pre-warming and pasteurization, tank and valve arrangements for evaporator process integration and CIP-systems are balanced best for optimum energy and performance efficiency and product quality. Seamless integration of processes!

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