High energy efficiency:
CorEvapEnergy System

CorEvapEnergy System


Electricity is generated by oil/natural gas fired motor/generator blocks. The heat generated by the motor is highly efficient utilized in a waste water evaporation system.

Due to the constant availability of waste water (easy buffering), the power generation can be utilized all around year, without paying respect to plant operation. This leads to a highly efficient overall system operation.

The condensate produced in the waste water evaporator can be reused as process water in the plant operation. With this system and other condensate streams from evaporators, it is possible to realize a fresh-water free and electricity grid independent operation of your plant – a truly sustainable system.

Main benefits

Overall primary energy efficiency

up to 92%

Electricity efficiency

up to 45 % of primary energy

Heat efficiency

up to 47 % of primary energy

Electricity produced in plant for plant

self sustainable, not depending on grid

Reduction of overall water fresh water consumption

depending on the ratio of electricity consumption and water usage of the plant

Due to high efficiency and due

to no grid losses a optimal CO2-footprint can be achieved System ROI can be below 1.5 ñ 2 years (depending on specific plant conditions)

Additional sponsoring

In some countries additional sponsoring by state organizations possible

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