Sensitive and economic de-alcoholisation of beer:
Continuous vacuum rectification

Vacuum rectification


After regenerative prewarming, the beer is decarbonized in a heated falling film prewarmer. Following the beer is fed into a rectification column in the stripper section. There the degassed beer is running against procuct vapours, and an extensive alcohol mass transfer takes place between the vapours and the beer.

From the bottom of the column, the beer is then transferred to the head of a falling film evaporator. In this falling film evaporator the vapours are created for the column operation.

A part of the condensed alcohol vapours (the reflux) is running against the alcohol vapours from the stripping column part, concentrating the vapours up to 75 % alcohol. The alcohol vapours are then condensed by cooling and partialy returned to the column as reflux.

All intert not condensable gasses are sucked out of the process by a liquid ring vaccum pump. An optional aroma recovery is available to recover aroma components from the exhaust inert gasses.

Main benefits

Low temperature process

with short product residence time – no color or HMF or Furfural addition

Alcohol free beer below 0.05 Vol%

alcohol content possible without concentration of beer

Additional aroma recovery

from non-condensable gasses availalbe

Heating by low temperature water circulation

or vacuum steam heating available – utilization of abundant heat

Alcohol with a concentration of 75 %

can be sold as spirit

Down to 8.2 kWh/hl heating energy

9.5 kWh/hl cooling energy, 1.2 kWh/hl electrical energy possible (per hl infeed beer)

Fit for fill:

additional corosys degassing system, corosys carboblend, corosys filtration and corosys flash pasteurizer blends the de-alcoholized beer with degassed water, beer, additions, and CO2 to your final procuct and delivers it clear and pasteurized to the filler – seamless integration of processes!

Continuous vacuum rectification of beer


[ 1 ] beer infeed
[ 2 ] de-alcoholized beer outfeed
[ 3 ] heat supply
[ 4 ] cooling supply
[ 5 ] vacuum exhaust
[ 6 spirit outfeed