Mechanical Vapour
Recompressor (MVR)

Vapour Recompressor


High efficiency with reduced power consumption.

The vapour which arises from the evaporation of the product can be fed back into the process as heating medium with the help of a mechanical vapour recompressor.

With a MVR the vapours from evaporation get compressed in a radial ventilator. With this compression the temperature- and energy-level of the vapour will be increased up to 6 °C. With a MVR the energy in the product vapour is not lost and will be reused as steam for heating the process of evaporation.

The electrical energy used by the MVR motor is small compared to the energy content of the vapour. The result is an enormous saving of energy.

Main benefits

Energy of product vapour

that normally is lost can be used for heating

Less energy cost

due to saving of live steam

Only the electrical energy for increasing

the temperature level is needed

Reduced CO2 emission

save energy money and the environment

Fast ROI

between 5 to 10 years

Energy flows of evaporation

with mechanical vapour recommpression MVR – maximum energy efficiency.
Example: 30,000 kg/h evaporation